Case Studies

Case Studies – Braces Before And After

Below are before and after photos of several of our clients who wore braces and ended up with some fantastic results!

Cross Bite With Crowding

Treatment Length: 21 Months
Non Extraction.

Lower Jaw Larger Than Top Jaw Resulting In A Class 111 Malocclusion

Treatment Length: 26 Months

Narrow Upper Jaw And Front Teeth Sticking Out

Treatment time: 22 Months

Teeth Re-alignment

Treatment time: 30 Months

Extraction Of 2 Upper Teeth

Treatment Time: 32 Months
This patient had build ups done by their Dentist when the braces were removed to make the incisors a better shape.

Functional Appliance Treatment

Treatment time:15 months
Protrusion: 13mm
Non Extraction

Removable Appliance Only

Diary Of A Patient In Treatment

14.10.09 Initial Records

18.01.10 Making space for the right lateral incisor using push coil.

15.03.10 Re-activated the coil to continue making space.

17.05.10 We now have enough space to put a bracket on the right lateral incisor and start bringing it into alignment.

06.07.10 You can see the lateral incisor coming into alignment.

06.09.10 The lateral incisor is now just about aligned now we start completing the final adjustments of the braces.

01.06.11 Braces off!