Patient Testimonials

“We loved the friendly manner in which you all dealt with ________ at his age level”.

“Loved the photos sent after treatment”.

“We just loved how caring and lovely you all are”.

“Very friendly staff who are especially good with children – kids loved the X-box in the waiting room”.

“Great location – good parking”.

“Not kept waiting – fast efficient consultations”.

“Our case was difficult and we appreciated the fact Dan was willing to take us on ie willingness to think outside the square”.

“Totally responsive to personal needs”.

“Your absolutely professional conduct even when there was a full waiting room – customer service, eye contact excellent at all times”.

“Loved the flavoured gloves”.

“You made me smile more”.

“Everything was great, we loved the way we were greeted personally every time – it made us feel important”.

“Wonderful – child friendly – loved the kids questionaire”.

“Liked being able to ring up and asked questions – nothing was too much trouble”.

“You went the extra mile – fantastic staff”.

“Staff really friendly and orgainsed”.

“…very professional service from walking in the door through to leaving. Thank you for your care.”

“I didn’t want to get a retainer at first but you guys made it an awesome experience for me – thanks!

“It has been a pleasure working with you, we’ll miss our visits. Information was beautifullly presented. ______ really enjoyed your sense of humour.”

“__________ enjoyed being greeted by name, lovely friendly place! & Dan’s sense of humour.” “It was good that the treatment process was clearly explained to me so I could understand – thanks”.

“My child ________ loved coming! I as the parent, made the decision for treatment and the outcome was excellent. I have recommended Dan to parents of children with orthodontic needs.”

“Wonderful staff. Very friendly. Made appointments enjoyable. Had no trouble making a decision as I was fully informed. Don’t tell Dan this but he is really good at what he does. I miss you all already.”

“From the time we walked through the door & the time we left I believe we have been treated in the most amazing way. What a way with children you all have there should be more professionals like you all.”

“I definitely could not fault anything at all. The service was amazing. The friendliness of everyone was out-standing. Everything was explained perfectly. Keep up the great work you are all great – ___________ felt very welcome when he was there and so did I. I would recommend you to anyone even though we live in Rotorua.”