Orthodontist Fees

Our professional orthodontist fees are calculated according to the following factors:

  • How complex the orthodontic problem is
  • The type of appliance used to correct it

The total cost of treatment will always be agreed with you BEFORE treatment starts and we will present you with a Financial Agreement at the first visit which will outline the likely treatment duration, the exact cost and what payment options are available. The quote will be valid for 6 months. As well as signing an acceptance of this Agreement, if deciding to proceed with treatment, new patients, or their parents also sign an informed consent document before treatment commences.

Pre Treatment Fees Initial Visit (New Patient Consultation)-Under 10 years: $55-10 Years and Over: $95Recall (Progress) Visits: $45Full Diagnostic Records(x-rays, impressions, photographs): $185
Treatment Fee – INCLUDES We will discuss the treatment fees for you, and these will include:

  • Fitting of Braces & any Auxiliary Appliances
  • All materials
  • All adjustments over the course of the treatment
  • Any emergency visits to the Practice
  • Removal of Braces
  • Making & fitting of Retainers
  • Two years care of Retainers following removal of the fixed braces
 Treatment Fees – DO NOT INCLUDE The treatment fee does not include the following (which are subject to extra charges)

  • The initial New Patient Consultation and Diagnostic Records
  • Services provided outside our Practice including Dental treatment carried out by your dentist or another specialist (eg extractions, surgical uncovering of the teeth)
  • Excessive breakages of Braces
  • Replacing lost or broken appliances including retainers
  • Retainer care after 2 years
Additional Fees  We reserve the right to charge additional fees if

  • You fail to keep appointments
  • Some previously unidentified problem emerges which results in the treatment plan requiring revision
  • Your treatment is unnecessarily prolonged due to our instructions not being followed (eg the elastics are not worn as directed, appliances are not cared for, there are excessive breakages)
 Payment Plans Automatic Payments

  • An initial deposit is paid on or before the day braces are fitted. The balance is paid by equal monthly automatic payments over the duration of the treatment. We offer interest free terms for orthodontic treatment. If the payment regime presents financial difficulties we recommend contacting us before it becomes overdue. We can restructure your payment schedule to suit provided that at all times the schedule results in the balance being paid before the treatment ends.
 Payment Methods We accept payment by cash, cheque or eftpos. Credit cards are accepted for payment in full or initial deposits. Automatic payments commence one month after treatment commences and monthly thereafter. All manual monthly payments are due on the 20th of each month. If a patient’s account becomes overdue we reserve the right to charge interest on the overdue portion and there may be a late payment fee. If a collection agent is used to recover overdues it is likely their fee, which is added to the account, will be 25% (min$25.00) of the overdue portion.