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Dental Monitoring - treatment on the go

We know your life is busy. That’s why we are proud to offer Dental Monitoring to our patients at Dan Smethurst Orthodontist. With this revolutionary app, you can complete your Invisalign® treatment from the comfort of home.

How does it work?

Dental Monitoring enables us to monitor your Invisalign® treatment progress remotely. To use this technology, you’ll simply follow our in-app directions for taking progress photos on your phone. We’ll receive these photos and ensure your smile is moving according to plan. In most situations, you’ll be able to continue your treatment wherever you are.


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What are the benefits?

Whether you’re at home, school, work or vacation, you can still enjoy the benefits of Invisalign® treatment thanks to Dental Monitoring.

  • Fully remote tracking capability
  • Increased communication with our practice
  • More flexible orthodontic treatment
  • Increased treatment accuracy

Are you ready for faster results?

With Dental Monitoring, Dr Smethurst will be able to see your progress more frequently than with in-person, scheduled appointments. This means he’s able to adjust and optimise your treatment in (almost) real-time.

With this incredible remote tracking system, your treatment is shaped by your own biology rather than a standard time frame. If your teeth are reacting quickly to Invisalign® treatment, Dr Smethurst can ask you to move to your next set of aligners - speeding up your treatment time.

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