Fast-track your Invisalign® treatment

Are you preparing for the perfect summer beach vacation? Or your wedding day? Your most important accessory is your smile!

With our range of fast treatment options, like Invisalign® Lite and Invisalign® Express, your dream smile is quicker and closer than you think. You can achieve your picture-perfect smile in as little as a few months with Dan Smethurst Orthodontist. We are the leading experts in fast teeth straightening treatments in Tauranga and The Bay of Plenty and we are ready to help you ahead of your special event.

Invisalign® Lite

Invisalign® Lite is a streamlined version of the treatment, designed for mild to moderate cases. It is also an excellent solution for anyone that has had previous orthodontic work and found that their teeth have shifted slightly over time.

With Invisalign® Lite, you can:

  • See results in as little as 6 months
  • Change your aligners 10-14 times in 2-week increments
  • Smile at the price
Invisalign® Lite

Invisalign® Express

Invisalign® Express is a fast orthodontic treatment method that offers an easy-fix solution for minor misalignments.

With Invisalign® Express, you get:

  • Results in as little as 3 months
  • Minor tooth corrections to the front six teeth
  • The same clear, removable aligners as other Invisalign® treatment options
  • Treatment that is so discreet and fast, others won’t even notice.
Invisalign® LiteInvisalign® Express

Speed up your smile with Invisalign®

We can help you achieve your dream smile quickly with our range of fast Invisalign® treatments. Book a free Invisalign® consultation to learn more.

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Speed up your smile with Invisalign®