Our orthodontic process

Most of our patients at Dan Smethurst Orthodontist have never had orthodontic treatment before, and we feel that understanding the process can really benefit you, your teen or your child.

We want everyone to feel comfortable during their treatment journey, so here we will take you through each step - from your first visit, to fitting and adjustment appointments - and be there to answer any questions you may have.

Your first appointment

Before becoming a new patient of ours, you will attend a consultation. This process helps us to understand your orthodontic needs and develop a bespoke treatment plan. We will discuss your first visit in detail and will be able to answer any questions you have at that time.

Your first appointment

Braces fitting

Once we have decided on a treatment plan, we will schedule an appointment to fit your braces. This visit takes about 1 hour and is the first step in achieving your new smile. There is no pain or discomfort during this visit. The braces may feel bulky to your lips and cheeks but that feeling will soon become normal. Some discomfort may come within 12-24 hours after the braces are initially fitted. This is due to the teeth having gentle force applied by the braces, which can cause some tenderness. You may want to take over-the-counter pain relief during this period and eat a soft diet. Any discomfort will last just a few days.

Your first appointmentBraces fitting

Adjustment visits

Braces are usually adjusted every 6-8 weeks during the course of treatment. It is essential that these appointments go ahead to ensure that your treatment progresses as efficiently as possible. We will schedule your next adjustment visit every time you leave the practice to be sure you stay on course. If you need to change an appointment, let us know as soon as possible.

Adjustment visits

Braces removal

Once the active phase of treatment is complete, your braces are removed. This visit takes about 30 minutes and will not cause you any pain. Your teeth are then polished to remove any glue from their surfaces before your specially made retainers are fitted.

Adjustment visitsBraces removal

Retaining that new smile

Wearing retainers is really important in making sure you maintain your beautiful new smile.

Retainers may include removable appliances with fixed wires. These are designed to maintain the corrections your brace has made whilst the surrounding bone and soft tissues adapt to the new tooth positions.

Our Specialist Orthodontist will direct you as to when and how long to wear your retainer for. We recommend that retainers are worn every night and to maintain this habit for a lifetime. This will support your new smile through any future movement that will naturally occur as you continue to grow.

Metal braces are a very effective treatment option and are suitable for use in many orthodontic circumstances. Although they have been around for some time, orthodontic technology has advanced these metal braces to be much more discreet and comfortable to wear.

Retaining that new smile

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